Commit db9f023d authored by Mike Bedington's avatar Mike Bedington
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Add git submodules of existing suites

parent 5752a454
[submodule "wrf_suite"]
path = wrf_suite
url =
[submodule "fvcom_suite"]
path = fvcom_suite
url =
[submodule "download_suite"]
path = download_suite
url =
[submodule "pylag_suite"]
path = pylag_suite
url =
Subproject commit 0807b92c7d5d137643f98e3cccfd75918dc4d520
Subproject commit 961e112cd8987c4701c7c1d2ae2f6044fdb51ace
Subproject commit 8b08ed7c2adf42161ce7d2fcf1a47ffcc00e9eab
Subproject commit 377ee062e804b26854d00d93a5949d48ee68160f
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