Commit d8205ec3 authored by Modellers Operational's avatar Modellers Operational

Add day -1 to update rivers so it can read hindcast weather model

parent a04f1319
......@@ -32,10 +32,10 @@ else:
missing_dates = np.asarray([start_date + dt.timedelta(days=int(this_ind)) for this_ind in np.arange(0, (end_date - start_date).days + 1)])
for this_missing_loop in np.arange(0, no_miss_loops):
for this_missing_loop in np.arange(-1, no_miss_loops):
new_missing_dates = []
for this_date in missing_dates:
if this_missing_loop > 0:
if this_missing_loop >= 0:
print('Trying again to fill for {}'.format(this_date))
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