Commit d74d0f30 authored by Modellers Operational's avatar Modellers Operational

Remove plotting apps, now in a seperate suite

parent ac373aa4
import matplotlib as mpl
import sys
import multiprocessing
import numpy as np
from cmocean import cm
import PyFVCOM as pf
import pmltools as pt
labels = {'q2': 'Turbulent kinetic energy $(m^{2}s^{-2})$',
'l': 'Turbulent macroscale $(m^{3}s^{-2})$',
'q2l': 'Turbulent kinetic\nenergy x turblent\nmacroscale ($cm^{3}s^{-2}$)',
'tke': 'Turbulent kinetic energy $(m^{2}s^{-2})$',
'viscofh': 'Horizontal Turbulent Eddy Viscosity $(m^{2}s^{-1})$',
'teps': 'Turbulent kinetic\nenergy x turblent\nmacroscale ($cm^{3}s^{-2}$)',
'tauc': 'Bed shear stress $(m^{2}s^{-2})$',
'temp': 'Temperature ($\degree C$)',
'salinity': 'Salinity (PSU)',
'zeta': 'Surface elevation (m)',
'uv': 'Speed $(ms^{-1})$',
'uava': 'Depth averaged speed $(ms^{-1})$',
'uvanomaly': 'Speed anomaly $(ms^{-1})$',
'direction': 'Direction $(\degree)$',
'O3_c': 'Carbonate total dissolved\ninorganic carbon $(mmol C/m^3)$',
'O3_pH': 'Carbonate pH',
'O3_TA': 'Total alkalinity $(umol/kg)$',
'O3_fair': 'Carbonate air-sea flux of $CO_{2} (mmol C/m^{2}/d)$',
'volume': 'Node-based control water column volume $(m^{3})$'}
def plot_var(idx):
plot = pf.plot.Plotter(fvcom, figsize=(23, 18), cmap=cmap, cb_label=label, extend=extension, res=None)
plot.plot_field(np.squeeze(getattr(, var))[idx, level, :])
plot.tripcolor_plot.set_clim(clim[0], clim[1])
plot.axes.set_title(fvcom.time.Times[idx][:-7].replace('T', ' '))
suffix = ''
plot.figure.savefig('{}_{:04d}.png'.format(var, idx + 1),
fname = sys.argv[1]
var = sys.argv[2]
clim = [float(sys.argv[3]), float(sys.argv[4])]
cmap = pt.plotting.pmlcmaps(var)
pool_size = 4
fvcom =, [var])
label = labels[var]
extension = pt.plotting.colourbar_extension(*clim, getattr(, var).min(), getattr(, var).max())
level = 0
time_indices = range(fvcom.dims.time)
# Launch the parallel plotting and then close the pool ready for the
# next variable.
pool = multiprocessing.Pool(pool_size), time_indices)
default = today_output=/${ARCHIVE_DIR}/${FORECAST_DAY}/${GRID_NAME}; echo ${today_output}
python3 ${today_output} temp 8 18; python3 ${today_output} salinity 31 36;
mkdir -p /${PLOT_DIR}/${FORECAST_DAY}/; mv *.png /${PLOT_DIR}/${FORECAST_DAY}/
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