Commit 5b5cbfbe authored by Modellers Operational's avatar Modellers Operational

Change archive directory structure

parent 902dd831
[command] [command]
default = dst=${ARCHIVE_DIR}/${START_DAY}; default = dst=/pml${ARCHIVE_DIR}/${START_DAY};
src=${ROSE_DATAC}/output/${GRID_NAME}; src=${ROSE_DATAC}/output/${GRID_NAME};
ssh ceto6 -t "rsync -aph --no-o --no-g $src $dst"; ssh ceto6 -t "rsync -aph --no-o --no-g $src $dst";
dst=${ARCHIVE_DIR}today; dst=/pml${ARCHIVE_DIR}today;
rm ${ARCHIVE_DIR}today/*; rm /pml${ARCHIVE_DIR}today/*;
ssh ceto6 -t "rsync -aph --no-o --no-g $src $dst"; ssh ceto6 -t "rsync -aph --no-o --no-g $src $dst";
...@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ MAIL_TO='' ...@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ MAIL_TO=''
## Grid properties and files ## Grid properties and files
GRID_NAME='tamar_v2' GRID_NAME='tamar_v2'
COMMON_FILES_PATH='/users/modellers/modop/Models/FVCOM_tamar_common/' COMMON_FILES_PATH='/users/modellers/modop/Models/FVCOM_tamar_common/'
## Atmospheric setup ## Atmospheric setup
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