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Added SPAEF coefficient.

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#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Adopted from
@ authors: Mehmet Cüneyd Demirel, Gorka Mendiguren, Julian Koch, Simon Stisen and Fabio Oriani
@ author's website:
@ author's webpage:
@ author's email id:
A libray with Python functions for calculation of spatial efficiency (SPAEF) metric.
[1] Demirel, M. C., Mai, J., Mendiguren, G., Koch, J., Samaniego, L. and Stisen, S.: Combining satellite data and appropriate objective functions for improved spatial pattern performance of a distributed hydrologic model, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss., 1–22, doi:10.5194/hess-2017-570, 2017a.
[2] Koch, J., Demirel, M. C. and Stisen, S.: On the importance of multiple-component evaluation of spatial patterns for optimization of earth system models – A case study using mHM v5.6 at catchment scale, Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss., 1–25, doi:10.5194/gmd-2017-238, 2017.
[3] Demirel, M. C., Koch, J. and Stisen, S.: SPAEF: SPAtial EFficiency, Researchgate,, 2017b.
SPAEF : spatial efficiency
import numpy as np
from scipy.stats import variation,zscore
def SPAEF(s, o, bins=100):
"""Compute spatial efficiency metric SPAEF for a data set with respect to a reference.
s (numpy float array): data set to be evaluated, clean without masked values,
NaNs or other invalid points
o (numpy float array): reference data, clean without masked values,
NaNs or other invalid points, needs to be of the same shape as s
bins (integer): number of bins to be used in histograms of SPAEF
float tuple with SPAEF, correlation coefficient, fraction of coefficient of variations
and histogram match coefficient
#compute ratio of CV
alpha = variation(s)/variation(o)
#compute zscore mean=0, std=1
#compute histograms
hobs,binobs = np.histogram(o,bins)
hsim,binsim = np.histogram(s,bins)
#convert int to float, critical conversion for the result
#find the overlapping of two histogram
minima = np.minimum(hsim, hobs)
#compute the fraction of intersection area to the observed histogram area, hist intersection/overlap index
hh = np.sum(minima)/np.sum(hobs)
#compute corr coeff
cc = np.corrcoef(s,o)[0,1]
#compute SPAEF finally with three vital components
spaef = 1- np.sqrt( (cc-1)**2 + (alpha-1)**2 + (hh-1)**2 )
return spaef, cc, alpha, hh
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