Commit 87ded12a authored by Modellers Operational's avatar Modellers Operational

Bug fix to allow plotting of zeta

parent a1597e04
......@@ -32,6 +32,9 @@ labels = {'q2': 'Turbulent kinetic energy $(m^{2}s^{-2})$',
def plot_var(idx):
plot = pf.plot.Plotter(fvcom, figsize=(23, 18), cmap=cmap, cb_label=label, extend=extension, res=None)
if var == 'zeta':
plot.plot_field(np.squeeze(getattr(, var))[idx, :])
plot.plot_field(np.squeeze(getattr(, var))[idx, level, :])
plot.tripcolor_plot.set_clim(clim[0], clim[1])
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