Commit 9c3806e8 authored by Mike Bedington's avatar Mike Bedington

Functionality to deal with daily LTLS nutrient data

parent 5d409245
......@@ -29,7 +29,22 @@ class ltls_data_store():
flux_raw.append(flow_nc.variables['river_flux'][:, this_index[0], this_index[1]])
self.river_flux = np.sum(np.asarray(flux_raw), axis=0)
def retrieve_nutrient(self, nutrient_nc):
def make_nutrient_conc(self, atom_weights=None, ox_weight=None):
if atom_weights is None:
atom_weights = {'dic':12 , 'tdp':30.9, 'amm':14, 'nit':14}
for this_nutrient_var in atom_weights.keys():
this_nutrient_raw = getattr(self, this_nutrient_var)
this_grams_per_m_3 = ((this_nutrient_raw/self.flow) * (10**6)) / (60*60*24)
this_mmol_per_gram = (this_grams_per_m_3 * 1000)/atom_weights[this_nutrient_var]
setattr(self, this_nutrient_var + '_conc', np.asarray(this_mmol_per_gram))
if ox_weight is None:
ox_weight = 32
setattr(self, 'O2_conc', getattr(self, 'O2')*ox_weight)
def retrieve_monthly_nutrient(self, nutrient_nc):
self.times_monthly.month = nutrient_nc.variables['month'][:]
self.times_monthly.year = nutrient_nc.variables['year'][:]
self.times_monthly.time_dt = np.asarray([dt.datetime(this_year, this_month, 15,0,0) for this_year, this_month in zip(self.times_monthly.year, self.times_monthly.month)])
......@@ -50,7 +65,7 @@ class ltls_data_store():
setattr(self.month_data, this_var, this_var_proc)
def make_nutrient_conc(self, atom_weights=None):
def make_nutrient_monthly_conc(self, atom_weights=None, ox_weight=None):
if not hasattr(self.times_monthly, 'month'):
print('No nutrient data retrieved yet')
......@@ -68,10 +83,19 @@ class ltls_data_store():
setattr(self.month_data, this_nutrient_var + '_conc', np.asarray(this_nutrient_concs))
if ox_weight is None:
ox_weight = 32
setattr(self.month_data, 'O2_conc', getattr(self.month_data, 'O2')*ox_weight)
def get_daily_flow(self, start_date, end_date):
time_sel = np.logical_and(self.time_dt >= start_date, self.time_dt <= end_date)
return self.time_dt[time_sel], self.river_flux[time_sel]
def get_nutrient_daily(self, start_date, end_date, nutrient):
choose_dates = np.logical_and(self.time_dt >= start_date, self.time_dt <= end_date)
return self.time_dt[choose_dates], getattr(self, nutrient)[choose_dates]
def get_nutrient_daily_interp(self, start_date, end_date, nutrient):
ref_date = dt.datetime(1900,1,1)
time_month_sel = np.logical_and(self.times_monthly.time_dt >= start_date, self.times_monthly.time_dt <= end_date)
......@@ -152,7 +176,6 @@ class ltls_comp_river():
plt.savefig(self.river_obj.river_name + '_month_flux_comp.png', dpi=300)
def getGaugeFluxSeries(self, start_date, end_date):
Get the predicted flux (underlying river object gauge flux (observed or modelled) then with ltls rescaling applied
......@@ -171,7 +194,7 @@ class ltls_comp_river():
if hasattr(self,'use_ltls_temp') and self.use_ltls_temp:
date_list, temp_list = self.ltls_data_store.get_nutrient_daily_interp(start_date, end_date, 'temp')
date_list, temp_list = self.getNutrientSeries('temp', start_date, end_date)
date_list, temp_list = self.river_obj.getTempModelSeries(start_date,end_date)
......@@ -179,8 +202,8 @@ class ltls_comp_river():
def getNutrientSeries(self, nutrient_name, start_date, end_date):
Get a nutrient series. If it exists in LTLS then it the monthly LTLS data interpolated to daily is used, if not it is taken from
the associated nemo object if it exists there or if not (or if no nemo object exists) then zeros are returned.
Get a nutrient series. In order of priority if available it returns LTLS daily data, then monthly LTLS data interpolated to daily, then
the associated nemo object, or if none of the above then zeros are returned.
......@@ -190,15 +213,18 @@ class ltls_comp_river():
Nutrient values, zeros if neither ltls or nemo data are available
ersem_to_ltls_var = {'N4_n':'amm_conc', 'N3_n':'nit_conc', 'O2_o':'O2', 'N1_p':'tdp_conc'}
ersem_to_ltls_var = {'N4_n':'amm_conc', 'N3_n':'nit_conc', 'O2_o':'O2_conc', 'N1_p':'tdp_conc', 'temp':'temp'}
if nutrient_name in ersem_to_ltls_var.keys():
this_ltls = ersem_to_ltls_var[nutrient_name]
date_list, nutrient_list = self.ltls_data_store.get_nutrient_daily_interp(start_date, end_date, this_ltls)
if hasattr(self.ltls_data_store, this_ltls):
date_list, nutrient_list = self.ltls_data_store.get_nutrient_daily(start_date, end_date, this_ltls)
date_list, nutrient_list = self.ltls_data_store.get_nutrient_daily_interp(start_date, end_date, this_ltls)
elif hasattr(self, 'nemo_river_obj') and hasattr(self.nemo_river_obj, nutrient_name):
date_list, nutrient_list = self.nemo_river_obj.getNutrientSeries(nutrient_name, start_date, end_date)
date_list = [start_date + dt.timedelta(days=i) for i in np.arange(0, (end_date - start_date).days +1)]
date_list = [start_date + dt.timedelta(days=int(i)) for i in np.arange(0, (end_date - start_date).days +1)]
nutrient_list = np.zeros(len(date_list))
return date_list, nutrient_list
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