Commit 78ea304e authored by Mike Bedington's avatar Mike Bedington

Compatibility fix for closest node/element in RegularReader

parent 0d6e47b6
Pipeline #783 canceled with stage
......@@ -1996,6 +1996,17 @@ class RegularReader(FileReader):
""" Compatibility function. """
return self.closest_node(*args, **kwargs)
def closest_node(self, where, cartesian=False, threshold=np.inf, vincenty=False, haversine=False):
if cartesian:
raise ValueError('No cartesian coordinates defined')
lat_rav, lon_rav = np.meshgrid(, self.grid.lon)
x, y = lon_rav.ravel(), lat_rav.ravel()
index = self._closest_point(x, y, x, y, where, threshold=threshold, vincenty=vincenty, haversine=haversine)
if len(index) == 1:
index = index[0]
return np.unravel_index(index, (len(self.grid.lon), len(
class HYCOMReader(RegularReader):
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