Commit 5cbe3d1c authored by Mike Bedington's avatar Mike Bedington

Bug fixes for last commit

parent 13b1ae5f
Pipeline #785 failed with stage
......@@ -995,7 +995,7 @@ class CrossPlotter(Plotter):
self.wet_points_data = np.asarray([:,self.sel_points], dtype=bool)
self.wet_points_data = np.asarry(np.ones(self.ds.dims.time, len(self.sel_points)), dtype=bool)
self.wet_points_data = np.asarray(np.ones((self.ds.dims.time, len(self.sel_points))), dtype=bool)
self.ylim_vals = [np.floor(np.nanmin(self.cross_plot_y_pcolor)), np.ceil(np.nanmax(self.cross_plot_y_pcolor)) + 1]
self.xlim_vals = [np.nanmin(self.cross_plot_x_pcolor), np.nanmax(self.cross_plot_x_pcolor)]
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