Commit c9a4dbbf authored by Pierre Cazenave's avatar Pierre Cazenave

Add new function to take WRF output (post-processed with wrf_to_fvcom from the...

Add new function to take WRF output (post-processed with wrf_to_fvcom from the main FVCOM source (FVCOM_source/input/surface_forcing/wrf_bulk_formula)) and fix some units and add some attributes. Really, all this does is read in a netCDF, change the units of pressure from mb to Pa, and the write the lot out again. At some point, it might be useful to add functionality to interpolate this onto an unstructured grid. But not today.
parent df994ba3
function wrf2fvcom(wrffile, fvfile)
% Dumps all WRF output to FVCOM compatible netCDF.
% wrf2fvcom(ncfile, wrffile)
% Take WRF netCDF output (e.g. from version 3.7.1 of WRF) and convert to
% the format FVCOM requires for netCDF forcing files.
% wrffile - path to the WRF netCDF file.
% fvfile - path to the FVCOM forcing file to create.
% FVCOM forcing netCDF file (fvfile).
% wrf2fvcom('wrfout_d01_2000-01-01_00:00:00', '')
% This currently only supports regularly gridded output (i.e. WRF native
% grid). Support for writing out unstructured data may come in the
% future.
% Author(s):
% Dmitry Aleynik (Scottish Association for Marine Science)
% Pierre Cazenave (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
% Revision history:
% 2015-10-23 - First version developed with reference to Dmitry Aleynik's
% dump_meteo_fvgrid.m function.
global ftbverbose;
subname = 'wrf2fvcom';
if ftbverbose
fprintf('\nbegin : %s \n', subname)
fprintf('Read WRF output from %s... ', wrffile)
% Read the WRF output and build a struct with the relevant fields in it.
wrf_fields = {'Shortwave' ,'Net_Heat', ...
'U10', 'V10', ...
'Precipitation', 'Evaporation', 'SLP', ...
'XLAT', 'XLONG', 'Times'};
for ff = 1:length(wrf_fields)
wrf.(wrf_fields{ff}) = ncread(wrffile, wrf_fields{ff});
% Get the required dimensions.
finfo = ncinfo(wrffile);
dimnames = {finfo.Dimensions.Name};
for dd = 1:length(dimnames);
switch dimnames{dd}
case 'west_east'
wrf.west_east = finfo.Dimensions(dd).Length;
case 'south_north'
wrf.south_north = finfo.Dimensions(dd).Length;
case 'DateStrLen'
wrf.DateStrLen = finfo.Dimensions(dd).Length;
% Sort out times.
wrf.ntimes = length(wrf.Times(1, :));
wrf.mtime = datenum(wrf.Times');
if ftbverbose
grid_name = 'wrf_grid';
grid_source = 'wrf grid (structured) surface forcing';
CoordVar = 'lat lon';
fv.xlon = zeros(wrf.south_north, wrf.west_east);
fv.xlat = zeros(wrf.south_north, wrf.west_east);
fv.fmask = zeros(wrf.south_north, wrf.west_east);
[fv.xlon, fv.xlat] = deal(wrf.XLONG, wrf.XLAT);
% -------------------------------------------------------------------------
% Define the netCDF parameters
if ftbverbose
fprintf('Export WRF to FVCOM input file %s... ', fvfile)
% Define global attributes.
nc.title = 'WRF model forcing';
nc.history = sprintf('FILE CREATED using wrf2fvcom.m from the MATLAB fvcom-toolbox on %s', datestr(now, 31));
nc.source = grid_source;
nc.START_DATE = datestr(wrf.mtime(1, 1), 31);
nc.END_DATE = datestr(wrf.mtime(end, 1), 31);
nc.file = fvfile;
nc.Conventions = 'CF-1.0';
% Populate the global attributes.
ncid = netcdf.create(fvfile, 'clobber');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'type', nc.type);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'title', nc.title);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'history', nc.history);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'source', nc.source);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'START_DATE', nc.START_DATE);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'END_DATE', nc.END_DATE);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'file', nc.file);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'Conventions',nc.Conventions);
sn_idim = netcdf.defDim(ncid, 'south_north', wrf.south_north);
we_idim = netcdf.defDim(ncid, 'west_east', wrf.west_east);
DateStrLen_idim = netcdf.defDim(ncid, 'DateStrLen', wrf.DateStrLen);
time_idim = netcdf.defDim(ncid, 'time', 0);
% Variables
varid_Times = netcdf.defVar(ncid, 'Times', 'NC_CHAR', [DateStrLen_idim, time_idim]);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Times, 'description', 'UTC');
varid_XLAT = netcdf.defVar(ncid, 'XLAT', 'NC_FLOAT', [we_idim, sn_idim]);
varid_XLONG = netcdf.defVar(ncid, 'XLONG', 'NC_FLOAT', [we_idim, sn_idim]);
varid_Shortwave = netcdf.defVar(ncid, 'Shortwave', 'NC_FLOAT', [we_idim, sn_idim, time_idim]);
varid_Net_Heat = netcdf.defVar(ncid, 'Net_Heat', 'NC_FLOAT', [we_idim, sn_idim, time_idim]);
varid_U10 = netcdf.defVar(ncid, 'U10', 'NC_FLOAT', [we_idim, sn_idim, time_idim]);
varid_V10 = netcdf.defVar(ncid, 'V10', 'NC_FLOAT', [we_idim, sn_idim, time_idim]);
varid_Precipitation = netcdf.defVar(ncid, 'Precipitation', 'NC_FLOAT', [we_idim, sn_idim, time_idim]);
varid_Evaporation = netcdf.defVar(ncid, 'Evaporation', 'NC_FLOAT', [we_idim, sn_idim, time_idim]);
varid_SLP = netcdf.defVar(ncid, 'air_pressure', 'NC_FLOAT',[we_idim, sn_idim, time_idim]);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_XLAT, 'long_name', 'latitude');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_XLAT, 'description', 'LATITUDE, SOUTH IS NEGATIVE');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_XLAT, 'units', 'degrees_north');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_XLAT, 'type', 'data');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_XLONG, 'long_name', 'longitude');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_XLONG, 'description', 'LONGITUDE, WEST IS NEGATIVE');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_XLONG, 'units', 'degrees_east');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_XLONG, 'type', 'data');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Shortwave, 'long_name', 'Shortwave, upward is negative');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Shortwave, 'units', 'W m-2');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Shortwave, 'grid', grid_name);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Shortwave, 'coordinates', CoordVar);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Shortwave, 'type', 'data');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Net_Heat, 'long_name', 'Sum of shortwave, longwave, sensible and latent heat fluxes, ocean lose heat is negative');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Net_Heat, 'units', 'W m-2');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Net_Heat, 'grid', grid_name);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Net_Heat, 'coordinates', CoordVar);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Net_Heat, 'type', 'data');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_U10, 'long_name', 'Eastward Wind Velocity');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_U10, 'description', 'U at 10 M');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_U10, 'units', 'm s-1' );
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_U10, 'grid', grid_name);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_U10, 'type', 'data');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_V10, 'long_name', 'Northward Wind Velocity');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_V10, 'description', 'V at 10 M');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_V10, 'units', 'm s-1' );
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_V10, 'grid', grid_name);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_V10, 'type', 'data');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Precipitation, 'long_name', 'Precipitation');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Precipitation, 'description', 'Precipitation, ocean lose water is negative');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Precipitation, 'units', 'm s-1' );
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Precipitation, 'grid', grid_name);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Precipitation, 'coordinates', CoordVar);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Precipitation, 'type', 'data');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Evaporation, 'long_name', 'Evaporation');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Evaporation, 'description', 'Evaporation, ocean lose water is negative');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Evaporation, 'units', 'm s-1' );
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Evaporation, 'grid', grid_name);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Evaporation, 'coordinates', CoordVar);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_Evaporation, 'type', 'data');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_SLP, 'long_name', 'Air Pressure');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_SLP, 'description', 'Sea surface airpressure');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_SLP, 'units', 'Pa' );
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_SLP, 'grid', grid_name);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_SLP, 'coordinates', CoordVar);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid, varid_SLP, 'type', 'data');
% -------------------------------------------------------------------------
% Dump the data
% -------------------------------------------------------------------------
for i = 1:wrf.ntimes
cc = datestr(wrf.mtime(i), 31);
netcdf.putVar(ncid, varid_Times, [0, i-1], [19, 1], cc);
netcdf.putVar(ncid, varid_Shortwave, [0, 0, 0], size(wrf.Shortwave), wrf.Shortwave); % shortwave W/m^2
netcdf.putVar(ncid, varid_Net_Heat, [0, 0, 0], size(wrf.Net_Heat), wrf.Net_Heat); % net W/m^2
netcdf.putVar(ncid, varid_U10, [0, 0, 0], size(wrf.U10), wrf.U10); % m/s
netcdf.putVar(ncid, varid_V10, [0, 0, 0], size(wrf.V10), wrf.V10); % m/s
netcdf.putVar(ncid, varid_Precipitation, [0, 0, 0], size(wrf.Precipitation), wrf.Precipitation); % m/s
netcdf.putVar(ncid, varid_Evaporation, [0, 0, 0], size(wrf.Evaporation), wrf.Evaporation); % m/s
netcdf.putVar(ncid, varid_SLP, [0, 0, 0], size(wrf.SLP), wrf.SLP * 100); % mbar -> Pa
if ftbverbose
if ftbverbose
fprintf('end : %s \n', subname)
\ No newline at end of file
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