Commit ba91c7e8 authored by Rory O'Hara Murray's avatar Rory O'Hara Murray Committed by Simon Waldman

remove fun_plot_sms_coast, as it is MSS specific

parent 70ff0a3d
% plot a coastline - quickly with no help as I'm boared of doing this...
function [b, arc3] = plot_sms_coast(coast, varargin)
if nargin>1 colour = varargin{1}; else colour = 'g'; end
if nargin>2 plot_type = varargin{2}; else plot_type = 'plot'; end
if nargin>3 I = varargin{3};
I = 1:size(coast.arc,2);
if nargin>4 lineW = varargin{4};
else lineW = 0.5;
if plot_type(1:4) == 'plot';
plot_func = @(x, y, col) plot(x, y, 'color', col, 'linewidth', lineW);
elseif plot_type(1:4) == 'patc';
plot_func = @(x, y, col) patch(x, y, col, 'linewidth', lineW);
elseif plot_type(1:4) == 'm_pl';
plot_func = @(x, y, col) m_plot(x, y, 'color', col, 'linewidth', lineW);
% add in the extra nodes, and use arc2 (modified arc) if it's there...
if isfield(coast, 'arc2')==0
coast.arc2 = coast.arc;
coast.node2 = coast.node;
for ii=I
coast.arc3{ii} = [coast.node2{ii}; coast.arc2{ii}; coast.node2{ii}];
% plot land masses, one at a time
hold on
for ii=I
a(ii) = plot_func(coast.arc3{ii}(:,1), coast.arc3{ii}(:,2), colour);
b = a(1);
arc3 = coast.arc3;
\ No newline at end of file
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