Commit 34667175 authored by Pierre Cazenave's avatar Pierre Cazenave

Remove the old element results strings so we get the correct pass/fail results at the end.

parent 1aa0fd25
Pipeline #147 skipped
......@@ -76,11 +76,8 @@ for ff = 1:length(fnames)
% change if proven otherwise.
results.(fnames{ff}).nodeNumber = 'FAIL';
results.(fnames{ff}).elementNumber = 'FAIL';
results.(fnames{ff}).numNodeTimes = 'FAIL';
results.(fnames{ff}).numElementTimes = 'FAIL';
results.(fnames{ff}).nodeValues = 'FAIL';
results.(fnames{ff}).elementValues = 'FAIL';
% Check we have the same number of points and time steps in the
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