Commit 22b0e8b4 authored by Pierre Cazenave's avatar Pierre Cazenave

Add script to generate the necessary data for a groundwater source in FVCOM.

parent f5ac8b93
function write_FVCOM_groundwater(Mobj, grndwtr_file, varargin)
% Write an FVCOM groundwater time series forcing file.
% write_FVCOM_groundwater(Mobj, grndwtr_file, varargin)
% Write an FVCOM groundwater time series forcing file.
% Mobj = Matlab mesh object with fields:
% obc_nodes - array of boundary node IDs.
% surfaceElevation - array of surface elevation values (shaped [space,
% time]).
% grndwtr_file = name of netCDF file.
% Optional keyword-argument pairs. These control the time variables. This
% script defaults to writing 'Times' only.
% FVCOM needs only one of:
% 1. Times: character string of times
% 2. Itime and Itime2: integer days and milliseconds since midnight
% 3. time: float days.
% FVCOM checks for these in the order above and this script defaults to
% writing Times only. Adjust the keyword-argument pairs to your liking:
% 'strtime' = set to true to output the 'Times' variable
% 'inttime' = set to true to output the 'Itime' and 'Itime2' variables
% 'floattime' = set to true to output the 'time' variable
% grndwtr_file = a netCDF FVCOM surface elevations tide forcing file.
% With default settings:
% write_FVCOM_groundwater(Mobj, '/tmp/
% Enable the 'time' variable in the netCDF.
% write_FVCOM_groundwater(Mobj, '/tmp/, ...
% 'floattime', true)
% Author(s):
% Pierre Cazenave (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
% Revision history
% 2015-11-18 First version.
global ftbverbose
subname = 'write_FVCOM_groundwater';
if ftbverbose
fprintf('\nbegin : %s \n', subname);
% Default to string times as FVCOM looks for these first.
strtime = true;
inttime = false;
floattime = false;
for vv = 1:2:length(varargin)
switch varargin{vv}
case 'strtime'
strtime = true;
case 'inttime'
inttime = true;
case 'floattime'
floattime = true;
% Dump the file
nc = netcdf.create(grndwtr_file, 'clobber');
% Define global attributes
netcdf.putAtt(nc, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'type', 'FVCOM GROUNDWATER FORCING FILE')
netcdf.putAtt(nc, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'source', 'FVCOM grid (unstructured) surface forcing')
netcdf.putAtt(nc, netcdf.getConstant('NC_GLOBAL'), 'history', sprintf('File created with %s from the MATLAB fvcom-toolbox', subname))
% Dfine dimensions
node_dimid = netcdf.defDim(nc, 'node', Mobj.nVerts);
% Although the nele dimension isn't used, FVCOM checks for its existence
% and FATAL_ERRORs if it's missing, so we need to add it here.
nele_dimid = netcdf.defDim(nc, 'nele', Mobj.nElems); %#ok<NASGU>
time_dimid = netcdf.defDim(nc, 'time', netcdf.getConstant('NC_UNLIMITED'));
date_str_len_dimid = netcdf.defDim(nc, 'DateStrLen', 26);
% Define variables and attributes
gflux_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc, 'groundwater_flux', 'NC_FLOAT', [node_dimid, time_dimid]);
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gflux_varid, 'long_name', 'groundwater volume flux');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gflux_varid, 'units', 'm3 s-1');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gflux_varid, 'grid', 'fvcom_grid');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gflux_varid, 'type', 'data');
gtemp_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc, 'groundwater_temp', 'NC_FLOAT', [node_dimid, time_dimid]);
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gtemp_varid, 'long_name', 'groundwater inflow temperature');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gtemp_varid, 'units', 'degrees_C');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gtemp_varid, 'grid', 'fvcom_grid');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gtemp_varid, 'type', 'data');
gsalt_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc, 'groundwater_salt', 'NC_FLOAT', [node_dimid, time_dimid]);
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gsalt_varid, 'long_name', 'groundwater inflow salinity');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gsalt_varid, 'units', '1e-3');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gsalt_varid, 'grid', 'fvcom_grid');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, gsalt_varid, 'type', 'data');
iint_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc, 'iint', 'NC_INT', time_dimid);
netcdf.putAtt(nc, iint_varid, 'long_name', 'internal mode iteration number');
if floattime
time_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc, 'time', 'NC_FLOAT', time_dimid);
netcdf.putAtt(nc, time_varid, 'long_name', 'time');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, time_varid, 'units', 'days since 1858-11-17 00:00:00');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, time_varid, 'format', 'modified julian day (MJD)');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, time_varid, 'time_zone', 'UTC');
if inttime
itime_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc, 'Itime', 'NC_INT', time_dimid);
netcdf.putAtt(nc, itime_varid, 'units', 'days since 1858-11-17 00:00:00');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, itime_varid, 'format', 'modified julian day (MJD)');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, itime_varid, 'time_zone', 'UTC');
itime2_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc, 'Itime2', 'NC_INT', time_dimid);
netcdf.putAtt(nc, itime2_varid, 'units', 'msec since 00:00:00');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, itime2_varid, 'time_zone', 'UTC');
if strtime
Times_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc, 'Times', 'NC_CHAR', [date_str_len_dimid, time_dimid]);
netcdf.putAtt(nc, Times_varid, 'time_zone', 'UTC');
% End definitions
% Write data
nTimes = length(Mobj.groundwater.times);
netcdf.putVar(nc, iint_varid, 0, nTimes, 1:nTimes);
if floattime
netcdf.putVar(nc, time_varid, 0, nTimes, Mobj.groundwater.times);
if inttime
netcdf.putVar(nc, itime_varid, floor(Mobj.groundwater.times));
netcdf.putVar(nc, itime2_varid, 0, nTimes, round(mod(Mobj.groundwater.times, 1) * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000));
if strtime
nStringOut = char();
[nYr, nMon, nDay, nHour, nMin, nSec] = mjulian2greg(Mobj.groundwater.times);
for i = 1:nTimes
nDate = [nYr(i), nMon(i), nDay(i), nHour(i), nMin(i), nSec(i)];
nStringOut = [nStringOut, sprintf('%04i/%02i/%02i %02i:%02i:%09.6f', nDate)];
netcdf.putVar(nc, Times_varid, nStringOut);
netcdf.putVar(nc, gflux_varid, Mobj.groundwater.flux);
netcdf.putVar(nc, gtemp_varid, Mobj.groundwater.temp);
netcdf.putVar(nc, gsalt_varid, Mobj.groundwater.salt);
% Close file
if ftbverbose
fprintf('end : %s \n', subname)
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