Commit 14264ca2 authored by Pierre Cazenave's avatar Pierre Cazenave

Fix help for the function.

parent bd3bd80f
function wrf2fvcom(wrffile, fvfile)
% Dumps all WRF output to FVCOM compatible netCDF.
% Performs minor fixes to the output of wrf_to_fvcom in the FVCOM source
% directory to netCDF.
% wrf2fvcom(ncfile, wrffile)
% Take WRF netCDF output (e.g. from version 3.7.1 of WRF) and convert to
% the format FVCOM requires for netCDF forcing files.
% Take FVCOM routine wrf_to_fvcom netCDF output and apply minor fixes to
% the variables.
% The fixes are:
% - convert pressure from millibars to Pascals
% wrffile - path to the WRF netCDF file.
% wrffile - path to the wrf_to_fvcom netCDF file.
% fvfile - path to the FVCOM forcing file to create.
% FVCOM forcing netCDF file (fvfile).
% wrf2fvcom('wrfout_d01_2000-01-01_00:00:00', '')
% wrf2fvcom('', '')
% This currently only supports regularly gridded output (i.e. WRF native
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