1. 28 Feb, 2013 5 commits
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      Big changes here: · 85154e0b
      Pierre Cazenave authored
      1. Do the vertical interpolation of the u and v components separately then at the end calculate the depth averaged velocity as well as the depth averaged u and v components into separate fields in Mobj. This is all necessary for outputting the ASCII files for mean flow and the open boundaries.
      2. Make the vertical interpolation scale the POLCOMS-ERSEM depth range to match the current FVCOM node's depth range, thus squeezing or stretching the vertical velocity profiles into the FVCOM depth.
      3. Add a commented out section which can be used to plot the vertical profiles to make sure they have interpolated correctly.
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      Two things: · 7b3cfce0
      Pierre Cazenave authored
      1. Remove the totally unnecessary loop iterating through the vertical levels on the vertical interpolation secion. No idea what that was doing there.
      2. Change the interpolation of the vertical profiles to scale the POLCOMS depths to the current FVCOM node's depth range. This means the full profile structure is maintained in the interpolated profiles but that it is squashed or stretched to fit the scaled depths. This also means the surface and seabed value are fully captured.
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      Fix nasty bug wherein only the last field in the input struct would be written... · a0155ea2
      Pierre Cazenave authored
      Fix nasty bug wherein only the last field in the input struct would be written to the output NetCDF file. This is because the loop to check the current input NetCDF file variable and the list of fields to use as replacements would run through all three variables and write the data if the test was true, resulting in the earlier replacements being overwritten by the existing data. The fix is to move the writing of the existing data outside the check loop and create a new variable which is set to one once the new data have been added to the NetCDF
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