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Update the ChangeLog with the changes since the last tagged version.

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Pierre Cazenave <> fvcom-toolbox ChangeLog
Update to include some fixes to the forcing scripts as well as new scripts to
better handle various river data sources.
* Add note about the Tidal Model Driver toolbox being an optional
* New function to use pre-calculated Environment Agency river
temperature climatology data as input to the FVCOM river
temperature time series.
* New function to apply E-HYPE river discharge data to a given model
* Change the unique call to preserve the order by replacing 'first'
with 'stable'. This requires a relatively modern MATLAB (post-2011b).
* Add sea surface height to the list of variables that can be
downloaded and add the ability to specify particular variables to
* Add support for sea surface height and make the interpolation to the
boundary nodes less likely to fail when too few HYCOM points are found
* Fix the identification of the time index in the HYCOM data (use
hycom.time instead of Mobj.ts_times). Also ignore a field name of 'MT'
if supplied in varlist.
* Fix the way time is handled. Previously a time variable had to be
specified in varlist. Now, each data variable's time is returned as an
array within the MetUM.(variable) struct, giving
MetUM.(variable).time and MetUM.(variable).data. This means if each
data variable uses a different time sampling, that can be accounted for
later (by interpolating to a common time series with interp3, for
example). Currently the code extracts the first 6 hour's worth of data.
The assumption there is that the Met Office do 4 runs per day, so
6 hours of data from each run gives you a day's worth.
* Minor cosmetic changes.
* Minor cosmetic changes.
* Simplify the verbose output stuff.
* Add support for writing all the variables needed for
a HEATING_CALCULATED model run. This essentially makes
write_FVCOM_heating redundant, but I'll leave it in as it's a bit
simpler to understand what's going on there. Also update the way the
net surface heat flux is calculated (sum long and short, subtract
latent and sensible). Fix the way the wind variables are handled so
that both the U10/V10 and uwind_speed/vwind_speed netCDF variables are
written if only one of data.u10/data.v10 or data.uwnd/data.vwnd is
given. Change the output of tri' to tri, as tri was being written the
wrong way around (thanks to Rory O'Hara Murray for spotting that one).
* Clarify the help a bit.
* Make it more obvious when new data is being written in place of
existing data.
* Tidy up the way the times are handled.
* Fix the handling of the optional vertical distribution string
* Minor cosmetic changes.
* Add full suite of variables so that HEATING_CALCULATED can be used
instead. Fix names of the fields for long and shortwave radiation to
match the NCEP ones (from n{l,s}wrf to n{l,s}wrs i.e. change last
letter from f to s).
* Check for the presence of the input fields being requested in the
input struct to avoid finding out that the last field in vars doesn't
exist in data half way through a time consuming loop. Change the way
the alternative coordinate arrays are used to accommodate subtleties in
the parallel code in MATLAB. Also fix some problems which sometimes
arose when interpolating using the Parallel Computing toolbox (they
were not reproducible with the serial version, annoyingly).
* Minor cosmetic changes.
* Add support for missing Itime and Itime2 values in an output file,
falling back on the time variable instead.
......@@ -56,7 +151,7 @@ fvcom_prepro:
* Add failsafe functionality when writing the variables to better handle
NCEP and Met Office data.
* Add support for writing out u and v data (on the element centres
* Add support for writing out u and v data (on the element centres
rather than node positions).
* Add support for an optional string to be written out (e.g. 'uniform')
......@@ -80,10 +175,10 @@ utilities:
* Incorporate changes to better support paths in Windows (in particular
paths with spaces).
* Add (but leave commented out) functions to interpolate the Met Office
* Add (but leave commented out) functions to interpolate the Met Office
data onto a geographical grid.
* New function: wrapper function to use convsh to interpolates Met
* New function: wrapper function to use convsh to interpolates Met
Office Unified Model PP files onto a geographical grid (i.e. lat/long).
* New TCL script to interpolate the Met Office Unified Model PP files
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