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Tidy up the help a bit and add a note for the vertical interpolation to...

Tidy up the help a bit and add a note for the vertical interpolation to possibly use a different 1D interpolation method (from linear to pchip)
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......@@ -12,8 +12,7 @@ function Mobj = get_POLCOMS_tsobc(Mobj, polcoms_ts, polcoms_z)
% Mobj = MATLAB mesh structure which must contain:
% - Mobj.siglayz - sigma layer depths for all model
% nodes.
% - Mobj.lon, and/or Mobj.x, Mobj.y - node
% coordinates.
% - Mobj.lon, - node coordinates (lat/long).
% - Mobj.obc_nodes - list of open boundary node inidices.
% - Mobj.nObcNodes - number of nodes in each open
% boundary.
......@@ -224,7 +223,12 @@ for t = 1:nt
% Get the temperature and salinity values for this node and
% interpolate down the water column (from POLCOMS to FVCOM).
% TODO: Use csaps for the vertical interplation/subsampling at
% each location.
% each location. Alternatively, the pchip interp1 method seems
% to do a decent job of the interpolation; it might be a more
% suitable candidate in the absence of csaps. In fact, the demo
% of csaps in the MATLAB documentation makes the interpolation
% look horrible (shaving off extremes). I think pchip is
% better.
if ~isnan(tpz)
fvtempz(pp, :) = interp1(tpz, itempz(pp, :), tfz, 'linear', 'extrap');
fvsalz(pp, :) = interp1(tpz, isalz(pp, :), tfz, 'linear', 'extrap');
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