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Commit 9cb0623a authored by Pierre Cazenave's avatar Pierre Cazenave

Update the ChangeLog with the list of changes since the last tagged release.

parent 2fb1c792
Pierre Cazenave <pica@pml.ac.uk> fvcom-toolbox ChangeLog
Update to include the ability to use HYCOM and Met Office Unified Model
* Fix typo.
* Use the full set of coastal coordinates when finding the appropriate
river node.
* Major update to this function. Now it correctly downloads the relevant
HYCOM data from the HYCOM OPeNDAP server. Does not work with the third-
party OPeNDAP toolbox.
* New function: interpolates HYCOM data to the boundary nodes for
temperature and salinity boundary forcing.
* Update to build a list of the downloaded files from the BADC server
Also add new model outputs to the list of files available for download
(the new files are post-2011 but live in a different directory from the
pre-2012 data). Also download files in parallel to speed up the process
(this may be a bad idea so may be removed if that proves to be the
* Fairly significant change in that this function can now download any
of the Reanalysis-1, Reanalysis-2 and 20th Century Reanalysis data from
the NCEP server. Where 4D data are requested, only the surface data is
returned. I have not tested this with the third-part OPeNDAP toolbox.
* Use to create spatially varying temperature, salinity, u and v data
for use in an FVCOM restart file from HYCOM data.
* Add inteprolation of the u and v data in the POLCOMS netCDF files.
Eventually this function will be adjusted to allow the selection of
only specific variables to be interpolated (as is the case with
* New function: reads the specified variables from the netCDF files of
the converted Met Office Unified Model PP files.
* Fairly major restructuring to decrease the time it takes to read an
SMS file by about 50%. This was mainly done to maintain my sanity.
* Minor change to the verbose output following the rewritten
mjulian2greg function.
* Add support for alternative name for the pressure variable. Also tweak
the output of the net surface heat flux to only occur when we are
writing out to a single file.
* Add failsafe functionality when writing the variables to better handle
NCEP and Met Office data.
* Add support for writing out u and v data (on the element centres
rather than node positions).
* Add support for an optional string to be written out (e.g. 'uniform')
for the vertical distribution of river discharge to bypass the automated
string generation.
* New function: writes out regularly gridded data in wrf_grid format for
direct use in FVCOM. The interpolation then occurs within FVCOM rather
than here, in MATLAB. Thanks to Dmitry Aleynik for his MATLAB function
which was used as the basis for this function.
* Fix a bug in which the position arrays could be written out transposed
relative to the data arrays (leading to forcing data being in the wrong
* Remove any NaN values in the vertical profile to support HYCOM data
(which have a set of fixed vertical levels).
* Incorporate changes to better support paths in Windows (in particular
paths with spaces).
* Add (but leave commented out) functions to interpolate the Met Office
data onto a geographical grid.
* New function: wrapper function to use convsh to interpolates Met
Office Unified Model PP files onto a geographical grid (i.e. lat/long).
* New TCL script to interpolate the Met Office Unified Model PP files
onto a geographical grid.
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