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Commit 98e8bd04 authored by Pierre Cazenave's avatar Pierre Cazenave

Update the ChangeLog.

parent aca9597f
Pierre Cazenave <pica@pml.ac.uk> fvcom-toolbox ChangeLog
Update to fix a number of bugs and improve functionality.
* Another fix for leap year times.
* Add option to exclude rivers by name. Add new option to use an
alternatively formatted input (two column time,flux).
* Update interp1 function to use pchip instead of csap as the latter
will be removed in a future version of MATLAB and the innumerable
warnings were doing my nut in.
* Fix bug when interpolating velocity data due to incorrectly sized
preallocated array.
* Make the way the data to be interpolated onto the element centres
(i.e. the velocity data), as opposed to the element nodes, more
* Change warning to a simple printed statement.
* Add the sigma levels for the element centres in additions to the
element nodes.
* Fix bugs when not using bathymetry (i.e. only reading the grid data
* Also make a depth array for the element centres.
* Update the help to better describe how the optional 'out_date'
argument works.
* Add new argument to allow specifying different coordinates for the
extrapolation. This allows us to interpolate data which belongs either
to the element centres or element nodes (defaults to element nodes).
This is only really important when the model grid falls outside the
coverage of the supplied data and we're extrapolating data.
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