Commit 923adc04 authored by Pierre Cazenave's avatar Pierre Cazenave
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Transpose the river data arrays prior to dumping to NetCDF so the data is read correctly by FVCOM

parent f4f4a1a8
......@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@ function write_FVCOM_river(RiverFile,RiverName,time,flux,temp,salt,RiverInfo1,Ri
% number of nodes). I removed the sediment stuff as the manual makes no
% mention of this in the river input file. Also added support for writing
% to NetCDF using MATLAB's native tools.
% 2013-03-21 Transpose the river data arrays to the correct shape for the
% NetCDF file.
......@@ -129,9 +131,9 @@ netcdf.putVar(nc, river_names_varid, rString);
netcdf.putVar(nc, time_varid, 0, nTimes, time);
netcdf.putVar(nc, itime_varid, 0, nTimes, floor(time));
netcdf.putVar(nc, itime2_varid, 0, nTimes, mod(time, 1)*24*3600*1000);
netcdf.putVar(nc, river_flux_varid, flux);
netcdf.putVar(nc, river_temp_varid, temp);
netcdf.putVar(nc, river_salt_varid, salt);
netcdf.putVar(nc, river_flux_varid, flux');
netcdf.putVar(nc, river_temp_varid, temp');
netcdf.putVar(nc, river_salt_varid, salt');
% build the time string and output to NetCDF.
nStringOut = char();
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