Commit 1c6b1b24 authored by Ricardo Torres's avatar Ricardo Torres 💬

in the process of adding zooplanton zero values to river file to stop FVCOM debug complaints

parent 93991346
......@@ -43,6 +43,10 @@ function write_FVCOM_river_ERSEM(RiverFile,RiverName,time,flux,temp,salt,n1p,n3n
% 2016-03-14 New version to export nutrients alongside the physical
% parameters for FVCOM-ERSEM. Based on write_FVCOM_river.
% 2017-01-12 Add missing ERSEM variables (oxygen and alkalinity).
% 2017-11-03 Add conflict variables that causes FABM debug efforts. At
% the moment these are all the zooplankton variables. Set to a very low
% number by default. The one used in ERSEM to maintain low population
% backgrounds. (Riqui)
......@@ -152,6 +156,12 @@ river_bioalk_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc, 'O3_bioalk', 'NC_FLOAT', [rivers_dimid, t
netcdf.putAtt(nc, river_bioalk_varid, 'long_name', 'carbonate bioalkalinity');
netcdf.putAtt(nc, river_bioalk_varid, 'units', 'umol/kg');
% Additional zooplankton variables
% end definitions
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