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Created function to add weights to an existing nesting file. This will...

Created function to add weights to an existing nesting file. This will generally be an FVCOM created one with multiple levels.
parent b8d6eb4f
function add_weights_FVCOM_nested_forcing(conf, ncfile2read)
% Creates an FVCOM nesting file.
% function add_weights_FVCOM_nested_forcing(conf, ncfile)
% Modifies in place the nested file to add weights for the number of levels
% suitable for types 3.
% conf = with either new_weights field or conf.nest.levels
% ncfile2read = full path to the nesting file to be created.
% FVCOM nesting file.
% conf.new_weight_cell = weights see manual for explanation [0-1]. It
% only requires nlevel values, not spatial or temporal dimension is
% expected.
% conf.new_weight_node = weights see manual for explanation [0-1]. It
% only requires nlevel values, not spatial or temporal dimension is
% expected.
% conf.nest.levels = [1]; The value reflect the inner most level to keep.
% 1 will keep the most external boundary, 4 will keep 1-4 levels.
% modify_FVCOM_nested_forcing(conf, '/tmp/', 1)
% Author(s):
% Ricardo Torres (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
% Pierre Cazenave (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
% Revision history:
% 2017-01-17 First version based on Pierre's write_FVCOM_nested_forcing.m
% script. Compress the time series data to save space. Requires
% netCDF4 in FVCOM.
% The following variables are read from the file:
% lon, lat: Grid node positions [node]
% lonc, latc: Grid element positions [nele]
% h: Grid node depths [node]
% hc: Grid element depth [nele]
% nv: Triangulation table [nele, 3]
% zeta: Sea surface elevation [node, time]
% ua: Vertically averaged x velocity [node, time]
% va: Vertically averaged y velocity [nele, time]
% u: Eastward Water Velocity [nele, siglay, time]
% v: Northward Water Velocity [nele, siglay, time]
% temp: Temperature [node, siglay, time]
% salinity: Salinity [node, siglay, time]
% hyw: Hydrostatic vertical velocity [node, siglev, time]
% weight_cell: Weighting for elements [nele]
% weight_node: Weighting for nodes [node]
% Itime: Days since 1858-11-17 00:00:00 [time]
% Itime2: msec since 00:00:00 [time]
% We include these optional ones for humans:
% time: Modified Julian Day [time]
% Times: Gregorian dates [time, datestrlen]
[~, subname] = fileparts(mfilename('fullpath'));
global ftbverbose
if ftbverbose
fprintf('\nbegin : %s\n', subname)
% Can't use CLOBBER and NETCDF4 at the same time (the bitwise or didn't
% work). Fall back to a horrible delete and then create instead.
if exist(ncfile2read, 'file')
nc2read =,'WRITE');
[PATHSTR,NAME,EXT] = fileparts(ncfile2read);
if ftbverbose
fprintf('\nProcessing file : %s\n', ncfile2read)
sprintf('I am stoping. The nesting file %s doesn''t exist',ncfile2read);
error(['Aborting the script ',subname])
% List of data we need.
required = {'weight_cell', 'weight_node'};
for f = required
% Read all variables from the existing file
if ~isfield (conf,'nest')
error('Missing conf.nest, aborting... ')
if ~isfield (conf.nest,'levels')
error('Missing conf.nest.levels, aborting... ')
% define dimensions
timeid = netcdf.inqDimID(nc2read, 'time');
siglayid = netcdf.inqDimID(nc2read, 'siglay');
siglevid = netcdf.inqDimID(nc2read, 'siglev');
nodeid = netcdf.inqDimID(nc2read,'node');
neleid = netcdf.inqDimID(nc2read,'nele');
[~,nsiglay] = netcdf.inqDim(nc2read, siglayid);
[~,nsiglev] = netcdf.inqDim(nc2read, siglevid);
[~,ntimes] = netcdf.inqDim(nc2read, timeid);
[~,nodes] = netcdf.inqDim(nc2read, nodeid);
[~,elems] = netcdf.inqDim(nc2read, neleid);
% Replicate weights in time
nest.weight_cell = repmat([conf.new_weight_cell{:}]',1,ntimes);
nest.weight_node = repmat([conf.new_weight_node{:}]',1,ntimes)
[elem_nest] =size(nest.weight_cell,1);
if elem_nest ~= elems
error('We have different elements in FVCOM nesting output file and our calculations')
cweights_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc2read, 'weight_cell', 'NC_FLOAT', ...
[neleid, timeid]);
netcdf.putAtt(nc2read, cweights_varid, 'long_name', ...
'Weights for elements in relaxation zone');
netcdf.putAtt(nc2read, cweights_varid, 'units', 'no units');
netcdf.putAtt(nc2read, cweights_varid, 'grid', 'fvcom_grid');
netcdf.putAtt(nc2read, cweights_varid, 'type', 'data');
nweights_varid = netcdf.defVar(nc2read, 'weight_node', 'NC_FLOAT', ...
[nodeid, timeid]);
netcdf.putAtt(nc2read, nweights_varid, 'long_name', ...
'Weights for nodes in relaxation zone');
netcdf.putAtt(nc2read, nweights_varid, 'units', 'no units');
netcdf.putAtt(nc2read, nweights_varid, 'grid', 'fvcom_grid');
netcdf.putAtt(nc2read, nweights_varid, 'type', 'data');
% end definitions
netcdf.putVar(nc2read, cweights_varid, nest.weight_cell);
netcdf.putVar(nc2read, nweights_varid, nest.weight_node');
catch e
error('Adding variable %s failed - does the variable already exist?', 'weight_cell')
% close file
if ftbverbose
fprintf('end : %s\n', subname)
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