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Set of FVCOM setup examples to test different modules within the FVCOM system.
Each example must include (this is a wish list rather than a minimum requirements but it would be good to have an indication for each example as to how many of the requirements are fullfiled):
list of requirements: commit of fvcom that was used to successfully run the tests. version of compiler used, version of SMS, PyFVCOM, fvcom-toolbox, other toolboxes required.
setup scripts: where possible include scripts to generate setup files, installation instructions
setup files: mesh, bathymetry, rivers, namelist control file
input files: atmospheric, boundary and river netcdf files
plots: plots of results from author's performed simulations of the example's tests.
ploting scripts: python/matlab scripts to make some descriptive plots enabling comparison of the simulation with author's simulations.
analysis scripts: python/matlab scripts to evaluate the simulation (i.e. to test mass conservation, simulation performance, scalability... )
Tidal Channel - test for MRE ... and FABM?
Idealised estuary - test for FABM, ERSEM, offline and online setups.
LymeBay open bay - test for FABM + ERSEM + Sediment for online and offline
Lake? setup to test conservation without input/outputs for FABM
We need one test for semi-implicit time step with FABM...
Any contributions from users would be invaluable.
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