Commit 11ca879d authored by Pierre Cazenave's avatar Pierre Cazenave

Remove some commented out code.

parent 5a9cab82
......@@ -164,15 +164,12 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
(-77.8230, 44.0145),
(-77.8108, 43.9125)))
# What do we want to call the different model runs? These names are
# entirely arbitrary, but are used as keys for the dict which contains each
# model configuration and result.
names = ('typeIII', 'typeII', 'typeI', 'typeIA', 'typeIB', 'type1',
'kraus1972', 'paulsonandsimpson1977_composite4-5-6-9-10',
#'kraus1972', 'paulsonandsimpson1977_composite4-5-6-9-10',
# Model inputs (define as many as you like)
dims = {'siglay':'0'}
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